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Rolling mill manufactured by DHHI for Belgium successfully delivered

Date:APR 28, 2020 4435 Font scaling:

During the Coronavirus epidemic, the rolling mill manufactured by the Metallurgical & Power Generating Equipment Manufacture Department of DHHI forBelgiumwas successfully delivered. This machine is designed by PrimetalsAustria, with a total weight of over 900t, complex in structure and strict in inspection requirement. Over one year of careful organization, the first batch of equipment is produced and accepted by the supervisors and customer.

Rolling mill is the important equipment in steel and iron making industry. It is strictly required to make precision machining and assembling for each component to ensure manufacture quality. For example, This is the first time for Primetals to design the supporting roller changing equipment. To avoid occurrence of quality problem on the customer’s site, DHHI’s technicians and shop production line operators studied again and again in the process of assembling. In consideration of the service condition on the site, trial assembling and measuring of the changing equipment is performed using supporting roller bearing block and special tool seats. During this course, problems were found and oversea designer was contacted immediately to confirm the repair plan. This reduces site repair and improves the efficiency for execution of export contract, to the maximum extent.

Just in the phase of preparation for delivering, the coronavirus epidemic broke out inChina, whether delivery can be made as scheduled or not brought challenge to DHHI. According to conventional production process, it takes 15 days for only painting the supporting roller bearing block under the circumstances that assembling and painting can not be performed at the same time, and this will badly influence delivery. Under such pressure, DHHI’s employees attempted to apply new painting plan. They turned the “huge” bearing block over for 90°for painting and finally completed the painting work successfully at a time. This shortens the schedule by one week and wins precious time for on-schedule and quality-assured delivery of equipment and shows DHHI’s integrity and performance ability during coronavirus epidemic.