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Dear friends:

DHHI was founded in 1914, and since then, DHHI has been providing packaged technical equipment as well as products and services with high and new technical content to many fields such as metallurgy, port, energy sources, mine, engineering, aerospace, shipbuilding, etc., in the world, and innovation has been an imperative value throughout product development. Our products are sold to more than 86 countries. Our efforts to focus on a ′customer service′ experience have allowed us to develop strong and long term relationships with our clients, while growing along with them, and this contributes to the development of global economy.

DHHI was listed (stock code 002204) in Shenzhen Stock Exchange of China in 2011, opening a whole new era for DHHI’s development. Successful listing of DHHI provides a favorable condition for us to fully employ the excellent external resources both at home and abroad and ensures the continual improvement and enhancement of our capability and level for research and manufacture, thereby our advantage is got exploited and the prestige of DHHI is boosted all around the world.

In recent years, DHHI has had an important expansion into overseas markets and the turnover increases year by year. Collaboration and customer services is our commitment, therefore, we have setup marketing and services offices in locations such as Germany, Australia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries, to ensure the best service is provided for the customers during pre sale, sales, and after sales services.

At the new stage of development, DHHI will fulfill the development philosophy of “internationalized operation and service priority” and follow the principles of “high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, safety” for product development, to fully enhance the comprehensive competitive power and make an effort to build DHHI into an internationalized, service-oriented manufacturing enterprise group focused on development and manufacture of high-end and major equipment.

We wish to work together hand in hand with friends from all walks of life in the world and cooperate with them wholeheartedly to create a better future!