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EHS Policy

It’s DHHI duty to our families and society to respect the life and health of our employees, protect the environment and therefore we adhere to our safety, health and environmental policies . These policies also ensure sustainable development.


  • 1

    People oriented, safety first:

    Through education and training, the implementation of safety standards and the normalization of our operational behaviours, we commit to adhere to our standards, processes and monitoring, to ensure quality and safety, and attention to prevention in every one of our actions.
  • 2

    Energy Conservation, Emission Reduction and Environmental Protection:

    We operate in a clean and sustainable manner, with continuous improvement of our operational conditions, while minimizing environmental impact. Applying new technology, new processes, new materials and new energy actively to reduce emissions and our foot print.
  • 3

    Sustainability through compliance with law and regulations:

    We ensure accuracy and up to date standards, to comply with law obligations and regulations, while looking ahead proactively for changes in regulations, aiming to prevent and predict potential risks that may affect our clients, resources and personnel.
  • 4

    Sustainable development; serving the society:

    We are a client oriented company, based on national and local laws and regulations, willing to achieve sustaining development through our work based in strong values of credibility and Integrity. We commit to provide a quality product and an optimal customer service experience.