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  • Safety Education for New Employees

    Giving three-level safety education (i.e. corporate level, department level and team level) of not less than 48 hours, and induction is allowed only after qualification is obtained.

  • Safety Education for the Staff

    Giving the staff safety education by referring to laws and regulations, hazards, countermeasures, cases of accidents, etc., every year.

  • Safety Education for Change or Resuming of Work

    Safety education on change of work must be given when the work is changed, and safety education on resuming of work must be given in case of absence from the work for over 1 year (incl. 1 year) due to sick leave, private affair leave, or going home to visit the family, etc.

  • Education on Occupational Health

    Organizing and giving personnel engaged in hazardous work as well as the shop leaders, engineering and technical personnel of relevant department and related medical personnel education on occupational health, once every two years.

  • Training of Leader

    Inviting the training agency to give the leaders of middle level and above safety training, every year.

  • Safety Training of Foreman

    Organizing and giving the foremen safety qualification & review trainings, every year.

  • Training of Personnel Engaged in Special Work

    Organizing and giving personnel engaged in special work qualification & review trainings, non-periodically every.

  • Training of Safety Management Personnel

    Organizing and giving the safety management personnel safety qualification & review trainings, every year.

  • Safety Training of Outgoing Personnel

    Giving safety clarification education to the outgoing personnel for construction and service according to relevant local laws & regulations, standards and practical conditions.

  • Safety Training of Temporary Incoming Personnel

    Giving education, clarification and notification to the incoming customer and incoming personnel for visiting and temporary working.

  • "Four New" Education

    Giving targeted "Four New" education when applying new technology, new process, new equipment and new material.


Training on Occupational Health, Safety & Environment